FI-IMPACT Webinars sharing FIWARE Achievements

30 June 2016

FI-IMPACT has published a number of webinars sharing results from the Impact Assessment of FI-PPP Phase 3 / FIWARE Accelerate.

Richard Stevens (IDC/FI-IMPACT) presents FI-IMPACT results of the Impact Assessment analysis carried out on the FIWARE Acceleration programme. First, the video provides insights on the 985 FIWARE subgrantees accelerated by the 16 Accelerators, focusing on who are these companies, what markets they are addressing and the types of solutions they are developing. Then we also present the estimate of the potential revenues generated by the Phase 3 funded initiatives still surviving in the year 2020, according to three scenarios.

Martin Dobler (SFC/FI-IMPACT) presents how FI-IMPACT leveraged Mattermark data to provide FIWARE Accelerators and the sub-grantees with greater insight of their visability in the wider community.


Carla La Croce (IDC/FI-IMPACT) presents the highlights of the ex-ante economic impact assessment carried out by FI-IMPACT on the FI-PPP Phase 3. FI-IMPACT investigated the macroeconomic impact of the phase III funded initiatives on the EU economic and employment system, through the estimation of direct, indirect, and induced quantitative impacts on revenues, additional spending and jobs created up to 2020.