FIWARE Success Stories

30 June 2016

FI-IMPACT has been actively engaging with each of the FIWARE Accelerators and their nominated sub-grantees in relation to co-authoring FIWARE Profiles and Case Studies since Q4 2015.  There are now a critical mass of FIWARE Profiles and Case studies published online.

Seventy three sub-grantees completed the co-authoring process leading to published FIWARE profiles which they and their accelerators can also use as dissemination materials. This repository of FIWARE profiles provides insight into the wide variety of businesses, innovative products and services that have been supported through the FIWARE Acceleration Programme.

The high potential initiatives profiles are grouped into ten thematic areas including:

Each high potential initiative profile provide insight into their focus, target sector, target market(s), business model(s) and website.

Seventeen FIWARE case studies were prepared in cooperation with sub-grantees. They provide insight into the vision and market need, target market and revenue streams, competitive positioning, enabling technology and progress to date for showcased sub-grantees. They has been grouped thematically in the areas of agrifood, healthcare, energy, security and innovation.

The FIWARE Agrifood case studies include:

  • Naaber (Bo Technologies, Estonia) - a food industry smart supply chain solution for farmers, producers, manufacturers, warehouses and transportation carriers.
  • Purveyance (Purveyance Ltd, Ireland) - a big-data quality management platform for the fresh produce industry supply chain.
  • QIFresh (Agrostis, Greece) - the QIFresh App facilitates collaboration between retailers, quality inspectors and vendors/suppliers to ensure that shipments of fresh fruit and vegetables meet the minimum marketability requirements according to EU Directives.
  • SUR+ (LessOrMore, The Netherlands) - SUR+ web application helps fruit and vegetable producers report surplus stock to local and regional food banks.
  • tsenso (Logistics Matthias Brunner, Germany) - easy to use temperature monitoring solution specially designed for logistics applications.
  • Agricolus (TeamDev srl, Italy) - ecosystem of applications that helps the farmers to implement precision farming based on leveraging a pest awareness platform and decision support system tools

The FIWARE Energy case studies showcased include:

  • OEEX (Open Energy Exchange, Germany) - Virtual Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) Energy Marketplace.
  • Beeta (Building Energy Efficiency Trusted Advisor) (TERA srl, Italy) - aims to be a trusted advisor for energy efficiency for households and small building owners.

The FIWARE Security case studies showcased include:

  • Findster (Findster Technologies S.A., Portugal) - Findster provides a tracking solution for young children who do not have smartphones (Findster Kids) and pets (Findster Pets).
  • SeaCat TeskaLabs (Czech Republic) - TeskaLabs helps enterprises securely build and operate mobile and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications using a plug-n-play solution based on TeskaLabs security management center.

The FIWARE 3D Printing and Innovation case studies showcased include:

  • (Linknovate SL, Spain) - provides an online intelligence tool to support new product development and to get insights into emerging topics such as biometric sensors, virtual reality and wearables.
  • Glue and Blue (HOP Ubiquitous S.L, Spain) - GnB provides a mobile-orientated marketplace that incorporates 3D printed encapsulations with a Bluetooth Smart IoT-enabled chipset.