FI-IMPACT Self Assessment Tool

FI-IMPACT developed a number of Impact Assessment tools over the project life to assist FI-PPP Phase 3 projects and enterpreneurs to assess their socio-economic impact.

Over 670 FIWARE sub-grantees completed the Impact Assessment survey to assess the impact of their project in relation to Innovation Focus, Market Focus, Feasibility, Market Needs and Social Impact. Upon completion of the survey respondents had access to an Impact Assessment Report, which included benchmarking against the average performance of other FIWARE respondents and Mattermark scores. Respondents can log into to their My Page on the FI-IMPACT website at any stage and retrieve their Impact Assessment Report. 

The FIWARE sub-grantee respondents also contributed data which was analysed in aggregrate form to assess the impact of the FI-PPP Phase 3 Programme. These results are available in 


The FI-IMPACT Self Assessment tool represents a sanity check for start-ups, by:

  • providing a check-list of the main steps that every start-up should consider following based on good practice; 
  • providing an assessment of the progress made by the company from different perspectives, measuring to what extent the business is taking advantage of state-of-the-art practices and principles, as defined in literature;
  • providing instant feed-back by benchmarking the respondent’s scores against their peers based on the average scores of all FIWARE respondents

These results allow the respondent to identify their performance in different areas and in particular areas that may require additional attention.  

Target users include

  • start-up entrepreneurs who are have a well defined business idea and approach to the market
  • Leaders of innovative SMEs developing a new product/service, entering a new market or launching a new business idea.

This tool is not designed for early stage start-ups still defining their idea and not yet ready to focus on potential markets. 

Accessing this tool is based on setting up a free user account on the FI-IMPACT website. Once an account is set up, the respondent will create a record for the project to be assessed and answer the questions in the Self Assessment tool. After finalisation of the survey, they can then access a free Impact Assessment Report, which included benchmarking against the average performance of other FIWARE respondents. 

The respondent has access to the data submitted and the Impact Assessment Report via their “My Page” on the FI-IMPACT website. Respondents are welcome to undertake the self assessment at different stages of the implementation of their existing project or new projects.

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