FI-IMPACT is a strategic collaboration between

  • IDC Italia (Coordinator)
  • IDG UK
  • Bluegreen Strategy, Italy
  • IIMC International Information Management Corporation Ltd, Ireland
  • Sustainable Finance and Consulting (SFC), Germany
  • Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

IDC is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, IT events, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, with over 1000 analysts across the world. IDC is owned by IDG. IDC's analysts collaborate to provide the appropriate mix of expertise to consulting clients. IDC EMEA is the European and Mediterranean branch of IDC. IDC's Foundation Research is based on approximately 300,000 interviews per year, to ICT enterprise users or suppliers. IDC developed 5 research tools: IDC's trackers, IDC's software market forecaster database, IDC's services spending model, the IDC Worldwide Digital Marketplace Model and Forecast, and the IDC Worldwide Black Book. IDC EMEA’s participation in FI-IMPACT is led by the European Government Consulting Unit in IDC Italia

International Data Group (IDG) is the world's leading technology media, events and research company. IDG products and services reach an audience of more than 280 million technology buyers in 97 countries. IDG’s media network features 460 websites, 200 mobile sites and apps, and 180 print titles spanning business technology, consumer technology, digital entertainment, and video games worldwide. The IDG TechNetwork represents more than 500 independent websites in an ad network and exchange complementary to IDG’s media brands. IDG Amplify is a comprehensive portfolio of social media services designed to extend the voice of our clients into traditional, social and mobile web environments. IDG’s participation in FI-IMPACT is led by IDG UK

Bluegreen Strategy srl (Italy) is a consulting company specializing in innovation strategy and business modelling. Bluegreen brings an in-depth knowledge of information and communication technologies and innovative business model in a variety of sectors, from manufacturing to logistics to public services, gained through several years of experience in projects carried out for leading companies and in the frame of EU research and innovation programmes. Bluegreen provides three main typologies of services: (i) Project and program management for leading companies and for institutional programs, including multi-year, multi-million euros European Commission projects. (ii) Product innovation and offering management for ICT vendors and consulting companies, including major ERP and Supply Chain software producers and system integrators. (iii) Strategy formulation for new products and businesses, for start-ups and for private and public investors in innovative sectors.

IIMC (International Information Management Corporation Ltd) is a technology, strategic consulting and research organisation headquartered in Ireland. IIMC designs and delivers Analytical, Community-Building, Consulting, Research and Technology Solutions supporting Information Society, ICT and Innovation adoption, policy analysis and implementation, and Entrepreneurial Skills Development. Core areas of expertise include: Living Labs; Technology Enhanced Learning and eSkills, eHealth; eInclusion; ICT4D and eGovernment.  IIMC has a proven track record building multi-stakeholder communities and organising applied ICT related events and policy meetings in Europe, Africa and Asia, ranging from workshops and brokerage events for 50 – 100 researchers, to international Ministerial level technology research conferences bringing together 400 – 700 delegates. eChallenges, Future Network & Mobile Summit and IST-Africa are Supported by the European Commission, Technical Co-Sponsored by IEEE and Hosted by National Governments in Europe and Africa. IIMC has developed an extensive network of European, African and international ICT and Innovation research contacts through participation in European funded research and involvement of team members in evaluations and reviews of European and nationally funded research programmes and involvement in international conference communities in technical roles.

SFC is a consultancy company in the area of financial services as well as technical consultancy to ensure sustainable solutions for companies and governmental bodies. SFC offers support to SMEs in different areas, the starting point has been financial services, over the recent years more and more consultancies, mainly in the area of innovation management, has been provided by SFC. At the same time the regional/national orientation has been broaden to include customers from all over Europe (Italy, The Netherlands, France etc.), here the experiences and Know-How of SFC is used to support regional innovation strategies especially by utilizing the concept of Living Labs, open innovation and crowd sourcing. A major pillar of SFC strategy is to ensure the sustainability and applicability of RTD work conducted as part of research projects. SFC is specialized on consultancy services for logistics services and Innovation. Main customers of SFC are SMEs and regional authorities. A special focus of SFC has been, besides the financial services, the development of regional innovation cluster by utilizing the living lab methodology, in order to stimulate and sustain regional innovation capabilities. As such SFC is partner in the FP7 Project  “Logistics innovation uptake” LOGINN (Grant agreement-314338) which is concerned with the application of new innovation methodologies and methods in the logistics area.

Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) is the leading research institution for natural sciences in Slovenia having over 900 researchers within 25 departments working in the areas of computer science, physics, and chemistry and biology. The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, having approx. 30 researchers, is one of the largest European research groups working in the areas of machine learning, data mining, language technologies, semantic technologies and recently sensor networks. One of the key items on the research agenda is combining modern statistical data analytic techniques with more traditional logic based knowledge representations and reasoning techniques with the purpose to progress in solving complex problems such as text understanding, large scale probabilistic reasoning, building broad coverage knowledge bases, and dealing with scale. The members have developed several software tools for multimodal data analysis, machine learning and reasoning also for many applications related to future internet applications. These includes intelligent transport objects, smart energy and telecommunication networks, intelligent smart lighting, smart homes and context aware home appliances, integrated intelligence framework for large data analysis and modelling. The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory closely collaborates with Centre for Knowledge Transfer in Information Technologies which has approximately ten researchers and technical staff working in the areas of research results dissemination and eLearning. In particular, the centre is well known by the portal VideoLectures.NET with multimedia materials of numerous scientific events, on-line training materials, and collection of tutorials on different scientific fields. The centre is covering management, training and dissemination activities of several EU projects.