FIWARE Success Stories

Based on recommendations from responsible FIWARE Accelerators, complimented by comprehensive data collection from sub-grantees, FI-IMPACT has collaborated with nominated sub-grantees to prepare FIWARE profiles and FIWARE Case Studies to  provide insight into the variety of businesses and innovative products and services that have received support under FI-PPP Phase 3 and the FIWARE Acceleration Programme.

Sixteen FIWARE case studies were prepared in cooperation with sub-grantees. They provide insight into the vision and market need, target market and revenue streams, competitive positioning, enabling technology and progress to date for showcased sub-grantees. They has been grouped thematically in the areas of agrifood, healthcare, energy, security and innovation.

The FIWARE Agrifood case studies include:

  • Naaber (Bo Technologies, Estonia) - a food industry smart supply chain solution for farmers, producers, manufacturers, warehouses and transportation carriers.
  • Purveyance (Purveyance Ltd, Ireland) - a big-data quality management platform for the fresh produce industry supply chain.
  • QIFresh (Agrostis, Greece) - the QIFresh App facilitates collaboration between retailers, quality inspectors and vendors/suppliers to ensure that shipments of fresh fruit and vegetables meet the minimum marketability requirements according to EU Directives.
  • SUR+ (LessOrMore, The Netherlands) - SUR+ web application helps fruit and vegetable producers report surplus stock to local and regional food banks.
  • tsenso (Logistics Matthias Brunner, Germany) - easy to use temperature monitoring solution specially designed for logistics applications.
  • Agricolus (TeamDev srl, Italy) - ecosystem of applications that helps the farmers to implement precision farming based on leveraging a pest awareness platform and decision support system tools

The FIWARE Healthcare case studies showcased include:

  • Oviva (Switzerland) - Mobile and web software to facilitate remote nutritional therapy for patients with food-related medical conditions.
  • Mixeat, be dynam’eat (Spain) - Leverages 3D Printing to provide a nutritional healthy eating kit developed by dieticans and a virtual support community.
  • 8fit (Spain) - Mobile fitness app with meal planner and personal trainer
  • AlzhUp (Reta al Alzheimer S.L., Spain) - Digital social health service platform supporting stakeholders impacted by Alzheimer's using non pharmacological therapies

The FIWARE Energy case studies showcased include:

  • OEEX (Open Energy Exchange, Germany) - Virtual Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) Energy Marketplace.
  • Beeta (Building Energy Efficiency Trusted Advisor) (TERA srl, Italy) - aims to be a trusted advisor for energy efficiency for households and small building owners.

The FIWARE Security case studies showcased include:

  • Findster (Findster Technologies S.A., Portugal) - Findster provides a tracking solution for young children who do not have smartphones (Findster Kids) and pets (Findster Pets).
  • SeaCat TeskaLabs (Czech Republic) - TeskaLabs helps enterprises securely build and operate mobile and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications using a plug-n-play solution based on TeskaLabs security management center.

The FIWARE 3D Printing and Innovation case studies showcased include:

  • (Linknovate SL, Spain) - provides an online intelligence tool to support new product development and to get insights into emerging topics such as biometric sensors, virtual reality and wearables.
  • Glue and Blue (HOP Ubiquitous S.L, Spain) - GnB provides a mobile-orientated marketplace that incorporates 3D printed encapsulations with a Bluetooth Smart IoT-enabled chipset.

FI-IMPACT has collaborated with 73 sub-grantees to prepare FIWARE profiles. These are grouping into ten thematic areas:  3D Printing; Agrifood; eHealth; Energy; Media; Other; Security; Smart Cities; Social & Learning and Transport. These high potential initiative profiles provide an insight into the focus of the project, the organisation involved, sector, target market, business model and website.