FI-IMPACT Deliverables

D1.1 1st Year Dissemination Report

This deliverable provides an overview of the dissemation activities undertaken by FI-IMPACT during the first year of activities. Published 30 June 2015

D1.2 2nd Year Dissemination Report

This deliverable provides an overview of the dissemation activities undertaken by FI-IMPACT during the first year of activities. Published 30 June 2016

D1.3 Impact Assessment and Success Story Communication

This deliverable is complementary to D1.2 FI‐IMPACT Communication and Dissemination during Reporting Period 2. It focuses primarily on summarising the dissemination undertaken of FI‐IMPACT FIWARE success stories and Impact Assessment. Published 30 June 2016

D2.1 Impact Accessment Guidebook

This Guidebook describes the Impact Assessment (IA) process, the tools employed to achieve results and the market context FI-IMPACT is using to assess Phase 3 of the FI-PPP at this point and forecast potential impact up to 2020. Published 30 December 2014, Updated 30 June 2016

D2.2 Mapping and Initial KPIs

FI-IMPACT has undertaken an analysis and initial mapping based on results from the First Call undertaken by 13 of the FI-PPP Phase III Accelerators as at 31 March 2015. The aggregated results are very positive demonstrating a good response from both web entrepreneurs and early stage SMEs across Europe to develop innovative applications and services leveraging FIWARE based on the specific focus on each individual Accelerator Call. This deliverable provides an overview of the foundation provided by FI-PPP Phase I and Phase II projects and focuses primarily on the initial outputs from Phase III Accelerators, analysing 538 initiatives selected for funding by 13 of the Accelerators. The report also provides a refined and detailed methodological framework, including the description and the calculation methods of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will be used to measure and assess the performance of the projects funded by the Accelerators. Published May 2015

D2.3 Ex Ante Impact Assessment and Forecast

This deliverable provides insights into FI-PPP Phase III funded initiatives from calls 1, 2, and 3, analyzing 725 initiatives selected and funded by 15 Accelerators at August 31st 2015. This analysis based on aggregated results provides interesting insights into the market focus, technology coverage, selection models and activities that the Accelerators support. KPI Measurements were undertaken on 472 initiatives across 5 main areas: Innovation, Market Focus, Feasibility, Business and Consumer Market Needs. An analysis of the market where these companies are or will be soon operating, including an estimate of their revenues projected to 2020 and a forecasting of their potential user population is provided.  Published November 2015

D2.4 Updated Impact Assessment and Forecast

This deliverable is an update of the Impact Assessment and Forecast produced by FI-IMPACT. It is the final deliverable of WP2, devoted to carry out an ex-ante impact assessment of the FI-PPP Phase 3. It builds on the outcomes of the constant monitoring and assessment of the FI-PPP Phase 3 Accelerator programme performed since the start of the project in mid-2014. Published 30 June 2016

An Annex to D2.4 provides insights into FI-IMPACT analysis of the main practices implemented by FIWARE Accelerators to identify good practices. Published 30 June 2016

D3.1 Impact Assessment Presentation

This deliverable presents the FI-IMPACT project, the ecosystem it supports and the assessment approach employed. Files for download: Overview, Presentation. Published 30 December 2014

D3.2 Data Collection Requirements and Format

This deliverable provides an overview of the timing of the Accelerator calls and outlines the data collection procedure undertaken by FI-IMPACT. Published May 2015

D3.3 Assessment Report

This deliverable provides insights into data collection activities undertaken by FI-IMPACT through engagement with FIWARE Accelerators and their subgrantees. It also provides insights into how Mattermark was used to track subgrantees. Published 30 June 2016

D4.1 Initial Online Library of Templates and Services

This deliverable provides an overview of initial FI-IMPACT Library and other repositories under development. Published 30 December 2014

D4.2 FI‐IMPACT Future Internet Validation Web‐based Instruments ‐ User Guide

This deliverable provides the user guide for the Impact Assessment tool for FIWARE sub-grantees and Self Assessment tool. Published 30 June 2015

D4.3 FI-IMPACT Online Assessment Environment 

This deliverable provides insight into the tools used and developed by FI-IMPACT to support Impact Assessment. Published 30 June 2016