FIWARE Media related Profiles

A selection from an interesting portfolio of FIWARE Media related profiles are showcased below, which have been funded by the CeedTech, CREATFi,  SpeedUp Europe! and European Pioneers FIWARE Accelerators. 

These profiles focus on providing:

  • Graphic tools for games (Artomatix)
  • A platform for the exchange of fashion related digital content (Fashion Cloud)
  • Information monitoring (GraphyStories)
  • Mobile games (PetSpot)
  • A platform for media distribution based on the sensor data of the smart phones and smart homes of customers (Sensorhome / xMinutes / datenfreunde)
  • A platform that allows a business to dispatch personalized handmade gifts directly through their own CRM (Sorry as a Service)
  • Online marketplace for athletes to get sponsorship (Sponsoo)
  • HTML5 based video player for streaming content on the web (THEOplayer)
  • Mobile video playback/recording app for festivals and conferences (Videobot)
  • Artist, label and publishing services for artists (AudioTube)

Click on the logos below to download a FIWARE profile for these high potential initiatives in pdf format.