The Third Phase of the FI-PPP was focused on ensuring that the technological developments and trials that have been undertaken during Phase 1 and Phase 2 evolved into activities generating take-up of innovative Internet services and applications. Sixteen accelerator projects were funded under FI-PPP Phase III and they distributed grants totally €80 million to SMEs and web entrepreneurs to support them to develop innovation applications and services, based on FI-PPP technologies, across a wide range of societal and industrial sectors.

FI-IMPACT focused on measuring and projecting potential take-up and impact of Phase III Accelerator Projects co-funded under the Future Internet PPP, by collecting and assessing qualitative and quantitative evidence of their potential socio-economic impact to 2020.


FI-IMPACT supported all Future Internet (FI) stakeholders to better understand and achieve the Impact expected from the FI Programme by clearly defining and describing what the observable impact is in the context of the FI Programme to maximise programme objectives, providing clear examples of the factors that lead to a sustainable success and impact. 


  • Developed an Impact Assessment Guidebook including Key Performance Indicators and FI Impact Assessment Guide to support Phase III initiatives to identify, assess and maximise their potential and actual impacts;
  • Developed Impact Assessment and Self Assessment tools to assist FIWARE sub-grantees and enterpreneurs to better assess their socio-economic impact;
  • Collected data related to Innovation Potential, Market Focus, Market Sustainabilty, Market Needs and Social impact from over 670 FIWARE sub-grantees between June 2015 - March 2016, which was analysed in aggregrate form to assess the impact of the Programme;
  • Published analysis of the Impact of the FI-PPP Phase 3 Programme and forecast to 2020 - D2.3 Ex Ante Impact Assessment and Forecast (November 2015) and D2.4 Updated Impact Assessment and Forecast (June 2015);
  • Provided Accelerators with Accelerator Specific reports related to their portfolio of projects and benchmarking against other Accelerator portfolios;
  • Published a series of eight Infostories between November 2015 and June 2016 sharing insights into the Impact Assessment analysis
  • Shared Impact Assessment results during Programme Coordination meetings and relevant public events
  • Published 3 webinars focused on Ex-Ante Impact Assessment, Analysis of FIWARE Results, Tracking FIWARE sub-grantees using Mattermark
  • Co-authored and pubilshed 16 FIWARE Case Studies providing insights into the vision and market need, target market and revenue streams, competitive positioning, enabling technology and progress to date for showcased sub-grantees. Grouped into AgriFood; Healthcare; Energy; Security; 3D Printing and Innovation
  • Co-authored and published 73 FIWARE Profiles providing an insight into the focus of the project, the organisation involved, sector, target market, business model and website. Grouped into ten thematic areas: 3D PrintingAgriFoodeHealthEnergy;  MediaOtherSecuritySmart CitiesSocial & Learning and Transport.


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